Katze bei der Körperpflege

Catural cat litter – for cats and their humans, and for the environment

Hygienic, convenient and environmentally friendly – and your cat will love it

We use renewable plant-based raw materials only in making our environmentally friendly cat litter. Our specialised hydrothermal production process ensures functional litter that is gentle to your cat’s paws, and immediately and securely binds and absorbs fluid directly into the top layer of each litter granule. This effectively eliminates pungent odour, leaving just the natural herbal smell of the cat litter. A little Catural goes a very long way; it forms firm and solid clumps you can easily sift out with any commercially available litter spade.


Klumpenbildung des Katzenstreus

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More healthy
and pleasant

Katzenpfoten im Katzenstreu

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Costs less,
goes further

Katzenstreu wird in der Toilette entsorgt

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Ecological and

Wiese und Baum

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